Surah Ash-Shams - Jewels of the Qur'an

Surah Ash-Shams
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Atrocities are found everywhere because of what we have earned – Qur'anic Truth.

We call it Capitalism/Globalism but what about us? What do we do differently?

Poverty is two pronged (outer needs – but then heart also needs to be fulfilled).

The answer is Iman – security - we experience difficulty but it is for some reason.

Obey the path/shari`ah/boundaries – we are here to perfect our worship. All purposes are subservient to the only purpose to be passionately seeking the Only Ultimate Truth.

We need to find most appropriate person to lead – but who deserves to lead?

The outer and inner are always interlinked and therefore if we are at war with ourselves then we will experience outer war also. Current belief is that “Big is Better” – the emphasis on ever increasing sizes / production has produced new strains of virus and diseases.

Globalization is neither good nor bad but can be either. The Adamic being is globalized – we think more is better until we realize that only business is the know the Creator – to tune into our soul and to be both insani and ruhani.

Everyone is subjected to the over expansive “Kufr” system – there is no alternative. Creativity is required and many Muslim states have never allowed or promoted 'tinkering' or creativity in perspectives.