Heart to Heart – Part 7 of 9

Heart to Heart - Part 7 of 9
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This part evolves several themes from the previous with detail and emphasis on the relationship between Shar`iah (boundaries) and Haqqiqah (reality).

The dialogue frames the original din and the context in which the transmission of the original path was born briefly overviewing the language, culture and way of the arabs of the sixth century.

The discussion of the diversity of Muslims' manner and external formulations in transmitting the path is also explored.

The Madhab system and its inception are overviewed and the basic structure in which the teaching bodies traditionally occurred.

The central theme is the issue of transformation and enlightenment. The necessity for spiritual flowering balanced by appropriate relatedness and responsibilities.

Shaykh Fadhlalla discusses some of the major themes relevant to transformation:

These revolve around the axiomatic foundation of the Islamic path: Islam, Iman, Ihsan and its relevant meanings.

These include the nature of cause and effect, the unity of actions and intentions and different degrees of teaching relevant to different types of people. Key dimensions of the Islamic path towards awakening is further described in this part.

The elements of negation, abstention, witnessing and objective awareness are presented as modes towards purification and immersion with unitive consciousness. A wide range of prophetic traditions and Qur'anic verses are referenced throughout the presentation.