Tafseer of The Meaning of Man — Sidi Ali Al Jamal (Part 2 — 1984)

Tafseer of The Meaning of Man — Sidi Ali Al Jamal (Part 2 — 1984)
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

A beautiful lesson on Sidi Ali al-Jamal's manual for the seeker, based on the knowledge that everything we observe and see is one of two opposites, and yet their foundation is One.

The insightful teachings are unpacked and explored from various angles so as to clarify how even what appears to be different and conflicting, in reality is not. For instance, 'trusting existence so that existence trusts you', does not mean that you trust even someone untrustworthy, but that you trust that person to be untrustworthy, and so are not disappointed.