Who are You? From the Commentary on a Few Verses of the Qur'an

Who are You?
From the Commentary on a Few Verses of the Qur'an
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

May 15, 2022


Two Sides of Wealth:

1) Earthly, which goes up and down, and
2) Soul, which is eternal

If one is occupied with acquiring the earthly wealth, it is unlikely that one will discover the amazing gift of gifts - one's soul/spirit/ruh, which is eternal.

One needs to identify with one's eternal soul in order to realize how wealthy one is.

One should give what one values and it will be returned to you manyfold.

The soul is imprinted with a bit of this world, which is cleansed from it after it leaves the body.

We are here to be prepared for the boundlessness we enter after we die.

We need to take time off during the day to stop the experience of this zone and hopefully experience the zone of timelessness and boundlessness, which requires a lot of personal effort to shut our minds.

We have evolved over billions of years into this complex being with intelligence and a spark of the Cosmic Light (soul).

In Salat, we need to stop the mind to empty it out.

Action and reaction are the most fundamental force/balance/situation on earth. But if you add the highest level of goodness (ihsan), then the balance of that formulation is that it will bring 10 times goodness for you.

A big example of it is to give what you want to keep for yourself - it's like giving something of your own self.

It is the highest level of generosity, which brings out goodness for you tenfold.

Goodness at higher levels comes back to you in many different ways.

It may protect you or your loved ones from calamity.

If you carry evil, it may come back to you tenfold.

Focus on your intention as it determines the purity of your action; otherwise, you are just sleepwalking through life.

Worldly responsibilities can cause a lot of distractions.

Injustices are brought on by our own selves.

We are divinely inspired beings undertaking a short journey on earth in order to be prepared and ready for life that is boundless after death.

Be with like-minded and like-hearted people.

People can't be forced unless faith and belief are deep in their hearts.

The truth behind being happy is when you know your future is boundless and joyful.

Everyone wants security about their future, but security comes by being your soul (ruh), which is beyond secure or insecure - it is divine.

Are you the soul (ruh), or are you the "animal" full of bad memories, fears and anxieties.

Be honest with yourself, which requires courage.

Be with people of light.