Commentary on Surah Fatiha

Commentary on Surah Fatiha
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

In this intimate discourse, Shaykh Fadhlalla interweaves a wide range of narratives, reflections amidst the multifaceted insights held within opening chapter of the Qur'an: Al Fatiha.

The discourse commences with the arc of social history and developments in humanity, framing the context surrounding the pre-settlement nomadic peoples of the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern basin with the special focus on the nature of prophecy and its relatability to the rise of human consciousness and the Qur'anic unveilings.

Further various contemporary models are used to present language that relates to some of the Qur'anic essential maps titled: Oneness and Duality, symmetries and mirror images, shadows and lights.

There, forward the linguistic and subtler elements of the Fatiha are elaborated with references to a multitude of other Qur'anic segments and chapters.

Various key injunctions of the way of Muhammad and latter masters of this path are referenced and tied together in presenting appropriate keys to exploring and enjoying inspirations from the Qur'an.

Some of these themes include: the etiquette and courtesy in appropriately approaching the Qur'an, the cosmic nature of bismillah andthe seamlessness between the scene and unseen reflected in the Qur'anic disclosures.

Concluding with essential descriptions of the prophetic path, the appropriate attitude and prescriptions that ally constant awareness, a wholesome heart and the living dynamics of accepting limitations and boundaries whilst constantly seeking and connecting to higher consciousness.