A Gift from Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri: The Prophetic Map for the Wayfarer


The best of creation always seeks knowledge of truth,
and this quest is a gift of DIVINE PERFECTION,
which encompasses and permeates the entire existence,
eternally gathered in His Light, ever changing in dispersion. 

Your path of freedom from conflicting worlds
begins with admitting and accepting human limitations,
yet catching glimpses of paradise beyond description,
accessible by curbing the self and its deceptions,
and limiting worldly exposures with alertness and caution,
maintaining good intentions at all time and for all,
avoiding self justification, blaming others,
fatalism, emotionalism and irrational expectations. 

Acting with sincerity, diligence, patience,
compassion and appropriate skills.
With wisdom, repentance and humbleness,
adhering to all virtuous deeds and devotions,
aware of subtle vices and shaytanic manipulations,
maintaining a healthy body, clear mind and pure heart.
All of these ethical codes to weaken the poisonous weeds of the self,
and to nurture intellect, heart and spirit along the path of salvation,
and thereby nurture and build upon the inner durable foundation. 

Only then and only by the ever present Grace,
new levels of insight, awareness and thrills
will expose you to the effulgent One-ness. 

Thus my advice is vigilant dhikr, care, trust
and basic watchfulness of the lower nafs,
with accountability for every deviant thought or oversight,
and every slackness and distraction from the path of light. 

Die at all times into your nothingness
and the light of the ever-present RABB will reveal his everything-ness. 

See the creation as yourself or even better
and you begin to read His signs and letters.
Serve all of creation as best you can,
living fully in the eternal moment’s ecstasy,
and referring outer change to inner constancy. 

Read, reflect upon and absorb the unveiling of Imam Ali
waking up to Allah’s original Adamic design
looking at temporary confusion
as a clear warning for return to eternal blissful fusion,
to the truth of One-ness with no shadowy illusion.