Cosmology of the Self: A Sufi view of Humanity and Spirituality within the self

Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Where Heaven and Earth Meet
      • The Unknown
      • The Divine Spark of the Spirit (Ruh)
      • The Heart
      • The Original Blueprint (Fitra)
      • From the Fitra to the Perfect Man
      • From the Unity of Essence to the Unity of Actions
      • Shari`a, Tariqa, Haqiqa
    • Chapter 2: The Self (Nafs)
      • The Nafs (Self) in the Qur’an
      • The Forms the Nafs Takes
      • Grooming the Nafs
      • `Aql (Faculty of Reason) and Qalb (the Heart)
    • Chapter 3: The Ways of the Heart
      • The Inner Heart – Fu'ad and Lubb
      • The Heart, Man and His Spirit
      • The Monitoring Self – Raqib
      • The Recording Companion – Qarin
      • Insight (Basira), Gnosis (Ma`rifa) and Unveiling (Kashf)
      • Gnosis – Ma`rifa
    • Chapter 4: The Four Facets of the Bondsman
      • The Bondsman (`Abd) of Allah
      • Rububiyya
      • Loyalty (Birr)
      • Ruhaniyya
      • Insaniyya
      • The First Man – Adam
      • Mankind
      • `Ubudiyya
      • From Rabb to `Abd
      • Action and Transformation
      • The Bondsman in the Arena of Action (`Amal)
      • Salat – Prayer
      • The Path to Knowledge
    Key Terms: Allah; `Aql; Intellect; The Earth; This World; Din; Deen; Reflection; Meditation; Contemplation; Fitra; Iman; Insan; Human Being; Islam; Ihsan; Kufr; Nafs; The Self; Qalb; The Heart;

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