Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

I thank Allah for His infinite mercies upon us. That mercies that are visible and the mercies which are invisible. The ultimate mercy of having created us in order to discover the reality behind all known and unknown realities: Allah and his eternal light.

I thank Allah for enabling us to gather today to celebrate and rejoice for what is called Eid.

Eid in Arabic is from the word that leads to the meaning of returning. …… So that we return back and back to rejoice, and for us to celebrate and glorify Allah, and give gratitude that we have been glorified as human beings, so that we discover the world of the seen allowing the world of the unseen to impinge upon us and leading us into the next phase of life.

We have come from the unknown and we are guided by the One and only all permeating, one Reality Allah into another phase after we leave the body.

Indeed we are all Allah’s guests in this short lived existence and journey on this world. We have come from the darkness of the womb into the uncertainties of this world in order for us to discover what is all about, what is the purpose of it, the meaning of it, how can we conduct ourselves that is conducive for inner peace and inner tranquility, until we leave that which does not belong to us, which is the body going back into the Eternal creator beyond time and beyond space.

Allah’s mercy is such that He has already programmed us in our primal fitra wanting that absolute freedom.

Relative freedom is not sufficient for human beings. We are all caught in this time and space in order for us to yearn for the phase in which there is none other than the eternal garden.

Allah describes the garden as a condition of the heart. Allah describes the garden as something we taste in this world that we will regain in the next world in an absolute sense because there is no more time and space.

The month of Ramadan is a most difficult and the most easy and the most glorious month for the Muslims.

Indeed, the Din of Islam is simply echoing all of that which were before it. The Din of Islam did not begin with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) -- it ended, it was completed.

All the prophets, all the messengers were prophets of Islam. They had to submit to the fact that we are here in order to leave, they had to submit to the fact that we are ignorant and that we are seeking knowledge. They had to submit to the fact that we are uncertain and that we are seeking certainty. They had to submit to the fact that we are insecure, seeking security on a personal level as well as that of a society. We all in submission to these realities. The only difference is that some of us by that submission and that tawba we get more and more tuned to the presence of eternal light and therefore we begin transformation rather than information.

We are all begin wanting to be informed but we all want to end up being transformed in the knowledge that Allah is in charge, that the glorious Lord and the Creator…… He has never neglected anything in existence because Allah permeates everything in existence known and unknown.

Allah gives us constant opportunities for us to rediscover. Allah tells us in the Qur'an that he has created us all from one self and therefore equally in the eyes of God.

We are all the same in the eye of Allah except according to our degree of abandonment according to our degree of detachment of less ego, less of our animal self. More and more of the higher self which, according to Allah, is above the angels.

We can be worse than the animals and we can be above the angels, this is the freedom we have. We have equality in the eye of Allah, we are all His children, we are all His creation and we have the freedom of choosing whether to serve without expectations or only serving for grandiose and other aspects which are only going to last as long as circumstances last.

We are all human beings seeking and searching for that which is permanent. We are all looking for the unity of human beings. Today and yesterday exemplify the unity of Muslims. Nearly one and a half billion people had been praying like we had been here in the open fields, asking for Allah’s Rahma, asking for Allah’s manifestation of mercy in their hearts so that it overflows into societies, into communities so that there can be peace and tranquility so that people can know how to worship.

Allah says……. I did not create the known and unknown entities except to worship. How can we worship a reality that we don’t know. How can you love and adore a God that you don’t know. The God that you love is the all Merciful, is the all Beneficent, is the all Powerful, is the Everlasting, is the Light behind all lights and shadows, is the Wadood, is he who loves all His creation, is al-Rahman, al-Rahim.

He is the most Glorious, He is the most Great, the most Powerful. By saying Allah u Akbar, we say that Allah is greater than we can perceive.

Allah is the creator of our minds and our bodies and our societies and our journey. Allah is greater than we can ever imagine by that which He has created. Our minds can only take us up to a point based on rationality, logic and reasoning, beyond that we have to abandon.

Every prophet and every messenger prescribed reflection, meditation, submission, disappearance so that the One and only light appears where not only visibly in the hearts of the believer so that you’ll be guided more and more by the heart, more and more the unseen that inspires you.

Indeed, the great people in our world, the great people of society, the great president whom we are facing and all the other people were inspired. Inspiration is not just rationality, it uses rationality and goes beyond it. This is where transformation occurs, these are the quantum leaps both in the sense of the individual as well as societies and we are one society……….. We are one ummah, we are one people, we are all aspiring towards better love, higher quality of communication, better relationships, and so on. We are one.

The shape of that securities change from time to time, the values do not change. The values of Africa, of the ancient peoples in Africa are the same. We have to apply these in a modern way. Respect of the elders. Respect of the values, transmission from the elder to the younger which is now being more and more distracted by the so called materialistic onslaught by the obsession by the capitalistic onslaughts.

We have a duty to come up with alternatives, the alternatives would be based on love and care and share, partnerships relationships of a master to a disciple to a pupil, thus we will be imitating the prophets.

All the prophets had their own “harahim”, they all had their “sahawa”, they had people around them who wanted to immolate them. They wanted to immolate the prophetic authority.

The authority of the Prophet is from Allah, it is not despotic, it is not self-inflicted or invented, it is purely by inspiration. The Prophet (SAW) is the ultimate instrument of the unseen manifesting and the seen. He is the selfless, therefore he reflects the Divine self, he reflects what is going to last. We are celebrating today the universality of this path. It is not an invention of 1400 odd years ago, exclusive for Arabs or for certain ethnic groups. Allah sent the Prophet (SAW) rahmatilla `ala min ………and the universality of the Muslims is such that wherever he lives they can live with integrity because they have the boundaries, they know what is allowed and what is not.

Abuse, monopoly, lies and all the other things that causes disruption to the individual and thereby disruption to society. These are the boundaries of “shari`ah” and applying them in a physical way in a community way, brings about the rituals that we follow.

The ritual of “salat” is not just bending the knees and putting our heads on the ground, it is an act of silence of inner silence and inner presence of the “qalb” (the heart).

Outer service, the limbs have to constantly move. You and I have to struggle for the higher until such time that we have no option than remembering the all glorifying Allah and remembering what He tells us if we worship and adore Him then a society will grow that is second to none.

Allah reminds us in the Qur'an …………and if people of towns, villages and nations are cautious of Allah’s ways and Allah’s natural way then there would be blessings from heavens and earth from where we don’t know.