The Garden of Self-healing

The Garden of Self-healing

One day our great master, Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.), was passing
through the streets of Basra when he saw a large circle of men around
a dignified hakim, sitting on a chair, dispensing cures for the ills
of the people who had gathered around him. The Imam approached him and
asked "What is your cure for sin, because people have despaired of
finding that cure?" The young hakim looked down at the ground without
an answer but Imam Ali asked a second time, and then a third time. The
hakim lifted his head and said, "May Allah bless you. Do you know of
the cure for sins?" The Imam said, "Yes. Here it is ..."

"Go to the garden of Iman (faith and trust) and extract from it...

.....the roots of intention,
the grains of repentance,
the leaves of reflection,
the seed of cautiousness,
the fruit of understanding,
the branches of certainty,
the kernels of sincerity,
the bark of diligence,
the roots of trustful dependence,
the calyx* of taking heed,
the stem of returning,
and the nectar of humility.

(*- outer protective leaves of flowers)

Take all these remedies with a knowledgeable heart and fingers of
confirmation and palm of success. Then put them all in a bowl of
realization and wash them all with the waters of tears. Next place
them in the pot of hope and set it on the fire of yearning until you
see the cream of wisdom float up. Then pour the contents onto plates
of contentment, and cool them with the fan of seeking forgiveness.
There you will have a perfect drink as a perfect gift from Allah,
glory be to Him, which will remove all your sins.