Aliya B. Haeri – Dreams – Part 1

Aliya B. Haeri — Dreams — Part 1
Aliya B. Haeri

Dreams have a remained a captivating and mysterious part of different cultures throughout the world, in both modern and ancient times. They have the formed the basis of creativity, inspiration, personal growth and spiritual strength, for individuals from Ancient Greece to the Prophet, to writers in Victorian England.

Join Aliya B. Haeri in this enlightening talk on Dreams and what they mean for us in our daily lives and spiritual practice. Aliya examines the science of dreams, incorporating the physiological, psychological and spiritual basis of dreams and how they relate to our lives. Aliya looks at thinkers such as Freud, as well as the Islamic narrative, discussing what they said about dreams and how this impacts us as individuals.

Dreams are a mirror that illustrates the hidden parts of ourselves that we have may chose to ignore or are simply unaware of. Aliya discusses how to clean this mirror, through dream interpretation, in order to gather the hidden messages woven into our dreams and how these can improve our lives and relationship with God. Aliya speaks on the different types of dreams, what these mean and how we can act upon the messages they seek to teach us.

KEY TERMS: Dreams; Spirituality; Freud; Dream Interpretation; Inspiration; Creativity; Messages; Subconscious; Psychologically