Commentaries on Selected Verses (Part 2 of 6)

Commentaries on Selected Verses (Part 2 of 6)
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

In all parts of this series, Shaykh Fadhlalla covers all the teachings that have been presented in the ASK lessons in module 1 (course 1), entirely from the source, so those who are muslims, those who believe in the Qur'an and in the revealed knowledges can see that it is founded on the Book. This is module 2. To get the whole picture you have to listen to all the 6 talks.

Further elucidation is provided below:

In this talk, Shaykh Fadhlalla tells us that we are made up of a self and a soul. The self has the entire spectrum from the highest to the lowest qualities. The soul is the energizer, but it is the self that decides what action it will take.

He says `aql, or intellect, grows with reasoning. We grow from basic simple emotional state towards a knowing, living heart through `aql.

`Ilm (knowledge) and `amal (action) go together. If we act on the knowledge we have, we will be led to the next level of better action. We must act appropriately, which means doing the right thing at the right time in the right manner.

Talking about astaghfar, Shaykh Fadhlalla says, it is incorrectly translated as 'forgiveness', it really means 'to cover'. Allah covers all our faults. He has so many different attributes regarding this.

Ghafir covers our faults.

Ghafur covers our repeated faults.

Ghaffar covers our repeated different faults.

Allah does not want to punish us, He wants to bring us to Himself.

Referring to akhirah, Shaykh Fadhlalla says, the whole journey of this life is to prepare for our departure. We will die the way we lived and we will be resurrected the way we died. And on the Day of Reckoning, we will come to know what we have been doing.

Shaykh Fadhlalla also talks about qalb (spiritual heart) and ruh (soul).

Allah wants us to come to Him with a wholesome heart. When we are willing to give up everything we are at the edge of having a wholesome heart.

In the Qur'an, the words ruh or spirit or soul are used interchangeably. In the Academy of Self Knowledge, we use the word soul in order to avoid confusion. The soul has all the patterns of the Eternal Garden. If we want to experience that state, we have to dive inwards, and our heart must be pure, to have access to that inner joy.