Commentaries on Selected Verses (Part 4 of 6)

Commentaries on Selected Verses (Part 4 of 6)
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Please see the description of part 1 of this series of talks for details.

In all parts, he covers all the teachings that have been presented in the ASK lessons in module 1 (course 1), entirely from the source, so those who are muslims, those who believe in the Qur'an and in the revealed knowledges can see that it is founded on the Book. This is module 2. To get the whole picture you have to listen to all the 6 talks.

Further elucidation is provided below:

In this talk Shaykh Fadhlalla talks about about fu'ad, islam, iman, ihsan.

Fu'ad is the kernel of the heart - it means passionately in love. In fact every other love is a small reflection of the divine love. All of what we desire in this world are tiny little flashes of an attribute of Allah which is in the heart.

Islam is from submission, submission to the Truth, submission to my state.

Submitting to the truth that we all desire goodness, friendliness, security. Islam is the path of yielding to the highest in you without denying the lowest in you but giving it its due.

Iman is from amana. It is one of Allah's Names al Mumin. Amn is tranquility, peace, safety.

Allah says, 'O people of iman! Respond to Allah and His messenger when they call you to what will give you life!'

This means that the life we are living now is biological life, we need to be enlivened, enlightened.

First submit to Allah, groom yourself and know that you will be guided.

Ihsan: Most of our wrong actions are because we did not refer to the highest in us, we often react. Enjoy turning to the higher in you and this is ihsan.