Commentary of Surat ul Balad — Clip 4 of 5

Commentary of Surat ul Balad -- Clip 4 of 5
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

The earth travels at 24,000 miles/hour around itself, and then around the sun and the entire galaxy is thrown into the sky at 51,000 miles/hour.

We take this all for granted. The air layer that protects us is thin, like a layer of varnish, we don’t realize that we are miskeen (needy). But when we become aware that we are only on this earth for a short while, that we have a certain amount of responsibility to this earth that we live on and we are accountable for what we say.

Allah says he who has faith and trust that there is a purpose and meaning in life and who he is patient. Realize you are not the Creator of this action or this energy. There is only One that manifests in infinite varieties ever-changing, and that one never changes.

This Surah is short, but allows you to look into the multiple layers of yourself. If you want to do for yourself, remember to do for those who are less endowed than you. If you would like to be enlightened, dwell with the light. Save yourself from your self.

Q: How does one find peace when there is ever increasing turmoil?

A: There is always balance, where there is good, there is bad. When there is light, there is dark. If we say there is more turmoil than peace, we are saying there is imbalance and this can not be true unless the one who perceives this imbalance is in need of someone who is “healthier” than them to assist them out of their rut.

On the other hand, seeing the imbalance in the society is because the society is a reflection of personal realities.

What we need to address is our deviation from the balanced way and we need to be prepared to let go of our desires and our expectations. We need to spend more time being present in our hearts. We need to be perpetually aware of pure awareness. Only human beings can be aware of awareness. One is consciousness itself, but higher consciousness allows us to have morality and ethics - we have consciousness of consciousness, but if we do not exercise it, we will have no balance.