Commentary of Surat ul Balad — Clip 5 of 5

Commentary of Surat ul Balad -- Clip 5 of 5
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Do not try to recharge spiritually if you have not switched on mentally. If we are not switched off in salah, you are in ghaflah. Wudu (ablution) is there to stop us from discharging, to seal us, so we can recharge. Stop the mind, stop the limbs, then you are open to intuition. It is your second sight - insight, but because of our obsession with things, we become materialistic, concerned with what we have and become absorbed by it.

The self is a whole spectrum, on the one end of it is the whole consciousness, light, the other side of it is a shadow of self, an aspect of self is an illusion of who I am. As our idea of who we are change, so does the shadow change, but the light stays the same, ever-Constant.

The more I give to others, the less I can identify myself with this "me". By giving to others, you have an excuse to let go of your lower self to become your higher self.

We want to be the ocean, but we must not deny that the surface has waves on it.

The body is just a lamp in which the light shines. The light carries on even after the lamp has expired. The only purpose of a grave is to comfort the ones who remain behind, those who are living. You carry on according to the state you left this world in, but if you left with a lot of attachment you create problems for your soul to leave.

We must be ready to go, not looking forward or backward, but if it comes, then Bismillah. We leave joyfully, not concerned about the grave and not about what we leave behind.

The ruh can not manifest unless the shadow is present. The shadow needs to give up to the ruh, just as you need to give up to Allah. This is islam - submission. If you have one boss, then return to Him, that which is constant, that which is stable.

Q: What is Barzakh?

A: Interspace between this world and the Akhirah (Hereafter).

Q: What are Jinns? Do they exist?

A: Yes, they do exist. They are made from different elements to us and do not have the same lifestyles, defined lifestyles that we do. But they do not stay confined to specific spaces. In most cases, where people feel that their homes or bodies are affected by Jinns, this is unlikely. It is most probably us who are creating vacancies in our bodies where energies can enter or departed souls can enter.