Die Before You Die

Die Before You Die
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

The title of this talk is a translation of a famous tradition from the Prophet Muhammad, relating to the process of inner death.

The speaker elaborates on several of life’s fundamental questions; who are we?, what is death?.. and how should we relate to it?

As a prelude to delving into the spiritual dimensions of this famous axiom of the prophetic Muhammad (PBUH) and the original Islamic path.

Reflections on various contemporary efforts of enquiry whereby recorded experiences of near death are presented as a further window into presenting a fundamental understanding of reality, the changing nature of limited transitory experience parallel to the boundless, unseen unknown.

The Speaker explores various key indications from amongst various Islamic and Sufi contributors all relaying and elaborating the internal mechanisms and meanings of death as a key to awakening to truth.

An understanding of the complementary nature in which the forces of life and death relate is referred, interspersed with reflections on Qur’anic verses, terms and its prescriptions and descriptions of the world, the next phase, and the process of inner death as the of purification of hearts clutter and attachment to transient life allowing for the amplified resonance with the soul within.

Various allusions to the classical cosmology of the self are referred, the model of death as the transcendence of limited consciousness into the zone of higher consciousness is further explored through the basis and keys to utilizing the Islamic technology of salaat as means for self-transcendence. With various key insights shared for the traveler on this path.