An Authentic Life — A Sufi Overview

An Authentic Life — A Sufi Overview
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

NOTE: This talk was originally titled, "Enlightenment". However, Shaykh Fadhlalla changed it to what it is now.

This talk was delivered to an intimate gathering of Sufis and the committed followers of Andrew Cohen at the Enlightenment Next center in London.

It covered his personal understanding and experience of the Sufi Path, a distillation of the essence and spiritual heart of Islam, in seven interwoven topics which form the fabric of our experience in the transient womb of time and space as well as our potential to access an 'authentic life' of sustainable happiness through referencing the all-encompassing transpersonal zone of the 'Real' or the 'Authentic Self.'

He explores: The Multidimensional Map of Creation, the Allegorical Descent and Ascent of Adam, the Human Cosmology of Inner and Outer senses, the Ego construct and the Soul, the Mind as inter-space between personality and higher consciousness, the Divine Attributes as fields of energy, weaving the fabric of space/time and higher values, the intrinsic evolutionary direction towards higher consciousness.

He also explores traps along the Spiritual Path, including attachment to teachers, personalities and formats; and the discovery that unlike societal pressures to accumulate 'more' for existential success 'Less is More' on the spiritual path.

He says that "you will see the world as you are" and "God's will, will prevail, and despite a prevailing drive to transcend the limitations of time and space, while embodied, you must accept limitation in order to access the Boundless which is an inner beauty beyond purity, already present inside you."

KEY TERMS: Sufi Path; Soul; Map of Creation; Allegorical Fall of Adam; Spectrums of Consciousness; Fabric of Space/Time; Divine Attributes; Higher Values; Motherhood; Evolution; Authentic Self; Heart; Personality; Awakening; Attachment; Inner Senses; Outer Senses; Personality; Truth; Inner Authority