Enlightenment – Part II

Enlightenment - Part II
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

We experience light by its shadow Pure light cannot be perceived except as a rainbow. Everything we experience in zone of time/space is images on the screen of non change. What drives us is the love of that Absolute non change. We are fueled by infinite hierarchy of love and passion for beauty, health, harmony etc., ending up with love by love unto love Light only shown and know by shadow.

Light is both photon as well as wave. Photon is entity and dies waveband continues forever Same for individual an aspect of us dies, an aspect of us carries on. A part of me is dying, a part wants to live forever. Anything that is desirable we want to last forever. Conflict is shadow indicating the light. Turn from shadow towards light.

No one is immune. If passion for the Eternal light rules, it will make other factors irrelevant; you will know the eternal without denying the pain and suffering and they will not have such a big impact on you.