Enlightenment – Part III

Enlightenment - Part III
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

3rd interview of a 5-part series for the general public and spiritual seeker addressing questions such as:

- By what should we be guided?

- Relationship between heart & Soul?

- How to relate to Memory?

- What tarnishes the heart?

- What is Personality?

- Is it as simple as choosing between good & bad?

- Define the Soul, birth & death?

- Is the Soul an immortal entity?

- If it is immortal, why do we fear death?

- Explain the paradox that we are in the world but not of it.

- Explain Individual as an entity that contains Infinity.

- Most of us see others as mirrors. What is our relationship to society.

- What is the importance of role models?

- What is the role of leadership.

- What is your prescription for society?

- Does Islam Have a role to play?

- What are the challenges?

- What is role of saints, sages and monks?

- What is illness of the world around us?

- Speak of relationship between individual and culture or civilization.

- Is there hope?