Fear and Hope

Fear and Hope
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This discourse is a detailed exposition of two of life's fundamental forces: Fear & Hope.

These two forces are critical complementary dynamics that frame the basket of human life.

The discourse presents human interaction and experience of fear as a pivotal force in the evolutionary drive within human consciousness and indicates the context in which ancient cultures framed their vision of the world by virtue of the lens of this phenomena.

Hence, the cultural and linguistic dynamics of those peoples reflect this relation. This is contrasted to the model of life encountered by modern man in which hope and good expectation are the primary forces that filter perception. An understanding of the parallels of this evolutionary dimension is critical in approaching revealed knowledge and ancient tradition in the drive to appropriately connect with the timeless meaning beneath the relative filter of these emergences.

The discourse presents the existential sketch of the categories of fear before introducing the Qur'anic model expounding upon the degrees of fear in relation to Higher consciousness.

The Prescriptive and descriptive nature of selected Qur'anic expressions coupled with the Prophetic teaching is presented in the frame of expanding knowledge and modification of the self in tandem with the states and stages of attunement to the absolute.