Shaykh Hosam Raouf

ALLAH’S CREATION: of man And Jinn solely to WORSHIP him and learn to know what is worthy of Worship.

HAJJ: prescribed Ibadaa - clarify, cleanse ourselves method taught by Prophet(SAW) rituals, advice and guidance as prescribed by ALLAH.

LAST SERMON: two weighty Things Qur'an and Sunnah.

Several Verses in Qur'an on Hajj and Ka`ba - sacred House of LiBERATION, safety, security.

Compulsory, if affordable.

BENEFIT: cleansing as if being REBORN free of sin – `ARAFAT.

RITUALS: UMRAH only three 1. IHRAAM 2. SAEE 3. TAWAF. HAJJ addition of `ARAFAT.

IHRAAM: Change of normal state with restrictions, prohibitions, limitations or else HARAAM.

JOURNEY enter sanctity, peace , liberation.

Visualize Ka`ba 1st time inexplicable have to witness oneself, your HEART and MIND leaves you.

HAJR ASWAD, Istilaam - kissing of stone symbolic.

QURBANI: IBRAHIM (A.S) dream visualize command to sacrifice beloved son Isma`il (A.S).

LESSON: to obey ALLAHS’s Command only.


TARBIYAH: constant reminder of presence: “I AM HERE “seeking acknowledgement in the FINAL day of `ARAFAT. Assurance of transformation in Wuqoof (standing) seeking INNER and Outer change and TRANSFORMATION, and Relief from RAHMAH of ALLAH is ultimate victory of HAJJ as ALLAH the ultimate PROTECTOR.