Heart to Heart – Part 1 of 9

Heart to Heart - Part 1 of 9
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

The Introductory segment on wide ranging series of discussions with Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri. Exploring a range of key topics and issues revolving around Islam, Sufism, Reality and the keys to wholesome and fulfilled life as per living the fullness of the essential Muhammadi Path.

In part one, Shaykh Fadhlalla discusses some of the key moments relevant to his biography and search for truth and reality. Drawing parallels to naturals stages in the arc of human life and the natural drive towards truth and higher consciousness. This as a prelude to exploring various fundamental questions, such as 'Who am I?' 'What is it all about?' by which Shaykh Fadhlalla shares key elements of his spiritual quest relevant to the Muhammadi path and original Islam: 'Why is it that Muslims are not thrilled and enlivened thrilled with the eternal light by the immense inheritance of knowledge and truth?' 'What went wrong?' 'What is the essential message of the Islamic way and Muhammadi teachings?'

These questions serve a basis in which unfolds a saturated presentation weaving together diverse issues relevant to education, human growth and development, human consciousness and the nature of self-soul dynamism. Further key features of the dialogue are the presentation of the duality – unity model as reflected by the Qur'an.

The essential meaning and problem of authority and the reality of Unity are further critical disclosure in this presentation. Various key polarities and complementarities relevant to the Islamic path: Shari’ah boundaries - Haqiqah (Reality), and a brush stroke overview of the nature of the ego – self and the essential meanings and keys towards accountability and inner purification, remembrance dhikr, and transcendence are additional themes enclosed within this dialogue – discourse.