Heart to Heart – Part 9 of 9

Heart to Heart - Part 9 of 9
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This short yet rich conclusion to the series in which Shaykh Fadhlalla shares his views on the purpose of life and our role in this world.

In an overarching style, Shaykh Fadhlalla briefly overviews various interplays and patterns that govern life and that we experience as we progress through our sojourn in the relative world.

Various key insights into the nature of the two zones and the designs of the self are discussed. The challenges that face our time toward real spiritual progress are briefly engaged. Various indications are given in dealing with the natural fluctuations of the self in harmonizing and calibrating with the cosmic soul.

The diverse challenges and various barriers encountered and how to relate to them as we progress on the path are discussed.

The meaning of ihsaniyah and the drive towards uniting personal will with divine is a key feature of the closing remarks.

With further elaborations revolving around the ihsaniyah station describing witness consciousness and the seamlessness between the absolute and the relative.

The meaning of death and eternal life is brought into focus relevant to awakening and completion of the journey of life. With continued reference to a host of prophetic traditions and Qur'anic verses.