Human Consciousness

Human Consciousness
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This talk is taken from an informal gathering hosted under the umbrella of The Academy of Self Knowledge.

Shaykh Fadhlalla provides a brushstroke overview of the major topics to be covered in an extended retreat in Britain.

The talk begins by reflecting over several contemporary issues, such as the modern world system, the economic system and its social reality, man in the history of both the evolution of life on earth and the cosmos, and the nature of consciousness.

This serves as an introduction for the narrowing of the presentation, engaging upon several key derivative issues from the theme: Human consciousness.

The first, is key inquires and foundational questions: who are we? what is sentiency?, descriptions of the human journey, an introduction to the model spectrum of consciousness, reflections on decree and destiny.

The second is an unpacking of the Academy of Self Knowledge basic presentation of human cosmology titled Self – Soul.

The third issue is the arrow of time and evolution of consciousness.

The fourth examines human heritage through cultures, history, religion and the underlying drive at the core of human experience and behavior.

The fifth overviews the developmental stages of consciousness as is emergent in the human being from infancy to full consciousness, outlined in five phases.

The talk is interspersed with various Islamic and Qur'anic references and concludes with a short Q&A at its closure.