Introduction To The Beautiful Names (1994)

Introduction To The Beautiful Names (1994)
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Note: Part of this recording contains a discourse by Shaykh Mahmood.

In this fascinating discourse, Shaykh Fadhlalla speaks of the healing and innately merciful gift we are given to call upon Allah by His most beautiful Names and Attributes and to seek relief from the myriad ailments and problems we encounter in our lived experience.

He speaks of the different categorizations and codifications used by scholars and masters, especially Ibn `Arabi, who unveiled many practical methods to do so.

He uses the analogy of a serene and shaded courtyard that has many doors upon which we can knock to enter. Once in, we access the stillness, certainty, equilibrium and uncluttered space of the courtyard, which is in fact the inner core of our own heart. Within that access, lies the cure and true healing for what ails us.

The key to accessing healing through the doorways of the Divine Names is to learn to discern what our affliction or ailment is in the first place and what it is that is blocking us.

Then, we can invoke the specific and relevant Name, which will be the most effective in giving us relief as, for every sickness, there is healing.

While each Name resonates with a different and specific theme in our earthly life, each is also global and general.

Each Name can lead us to a sifat, attribute, of Allah but it can also bring us to the very threshold of the Dhat, Essence, of Allah…

Key Terms: Healing; Mercy; Cure; Sickness; Affliction; Ailment; Heart; Discernment; Names; Attributes; Sifat; Essence; Dhat