Muslim Awakening - Demystifying Sufism

Muslim Awakening - Demystifying Sufism
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This intimate reflective discourse, Shaykh Fadhlalla engages several of the core issues relevant to living the spiritual path.

He elaborates on the basic nature of the mind in human cosmology as an interspace between the seen and unseen, exploring the necessity and foundation of practicing reason and rationality whilst exploring the key driving force in human life.

That is, to go beyond the boundaries of mental movements and projections into stillness.

The basis of moving into the transcendent is explored. Reflections examining the heart as the spiritual center of the human being, and the means and modes of a purification of the heart to rise to the higher.

Shaykh Fadhlalla then examines the life forces programmed within us that aid the surge in consciousness towards the boundless origin with the introduction of the unified cosmology of the Muhammadan map of existence.

Several key representations of life's paradoxes are engaged: the critical dichotomy between otherness and oneness; the basis of generosity; levels of meaning; cause and effect accompanied with a distilled presentation of the various outstanding contributors to the science of the self.

The essential indications relevant to grooming of the lower self are further presented regarding working with the driving forces that make up the self and universal attributes.

This, as a means of attaining inner ecology that is the foundation of inner harmony and justice and the basis of liberation from the shadows of the past and concerns for the future to the doorway of presence