Shaykh Fadhlalla's Opening Address at an ASK Seminar

Shaykh Fadhlalla's Opening Address at an ASK Seminar
Introduction by Shaykh Hosam Raouf

Introduction launching of ASK program -- This talk talks of the Meaning of Existence.

Shaykh Fadhlalla talks about the the treasure of life, information & transformation.

He refers to the importance of Awareness of Dhikr. For those who are muslims, he refers to the ASK program to help regain their Islam.

For those who are not, it's about rediscovering the purpose of life.

He asks as to what governs life?

Post cultural background and religions. Light vs Shadow. He says that the ASK program is an ongoing feast. It is the only worthwhile feast.

He talks about the patterns of the original design. He asks that without identifying the one unifying field, where we all come from and where we will go to will allow for Understanding The One.

He asks the participants of this first ASK symposium to provide input on the form and to help develop this program.

Understanding the principle of: One Two / To One.