Gateways to Enlightenment — Part I — Hijra (Move Away From)

Gateways to Enlightenment — Part I — Hijra (Move Away From)
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

In this talk Shaykh Fadhlalla explains the spiritual/inner meaning of hijra (to migrate, give up).

He starts by reminding us that we are on the Path towards the One - a process of transformation. This has many steps, starting with knowledge of the light, then seeing the light, then being completely absorbed in it, as in reality there is nothing but the Light.

We have been given many prescriptions for the journey (e.g., in The The Lantern of The Path by Imam Ja`far Al-Sadiq.).

Fear (khauf) and hope(raj`a) are two attributes which help to spur us on - fear of our own lower selves and hope in the mercy and guidance of God.

Here we need a hijra from our attitudes of mind and habits, as we are told in the Holy Qur'an: "those who trust and struggle against their habits," and those who make hijra for God’s sake.

This means departing from your lower self to your higher self (ruh) and therefore to the One Light.

You make hijra from your wrong-doings and injustice towards yourself and travel towards God’s true justice.

For this we need sabr (patience/perseverance), dhikr of God (remembrance) and constant reference to higher consciousness.

We move from despicable vices actions and ignorance towards the true life, and turn away from the shadows which cause us suffering and separation from God.