Gateways to Enlightenment — Part IV — Living in Oneness

Gateways to Enlightenment — Part IV — Living in Oneness
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

In this talk the Shaykh discusses spiritual evolvement till the individual reaches the stage of haqq al Yaqin (experiencing the truth). We continue to be in constant Hijra, cleansing the self, and to practice better deeds, and selfless action, first to those close to us, and then helping creation.

These will purify the heart. As our vigilance and accountability is refined, we move to higher levels of consciousness. We practice worldly wisdom but, at the same time, we acknowledge the One source by mimicking the Divine sibghatullah (coolers of His attributes).

Shaykh Fadhlalla reminds us that the higher we go the more we will be afflicted, as were the Prophets and awliya (saints and friends of God), referring to many Qur'anic ayahs.

These afflictions are fear, impoverishment and illness, but accepting them helps us to remember death at any time. We continue constantly with our jihad, doing everything for Allah’s sake & seeing His Nur (Light) and perfection in everything.

Shirk (worship of other than Allah) is the only thing not forgivable, because it is a structural defect, denying His unity.

Once we see his Tawhid (UnIty), we become truly `Abd Allah (Servant of God), we see affliction as blessing, we remember Him in times of ease & that only He is the doer, and contentedly return to him.