Qur’an’s Ultimate Disclosures

Qur'an's Ultimate Disclosures
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This discourse is a distillation of the essential foundation and message of the Qur'an.

Several brief descriptions are explored in presenting the multifaceted nature of the Qur'anic unveilings.

Shaykh Fadhlalla presents four primary themes in this fundamental disclosure of Qur'anic lights: Beginning with centrality and core of Oneness, the ineffability of the cosmic nature and essence.

The second is a synthesis on the nature of duality and the varieties and combinations of dualities that are emergent from source consciousness.

Several aspects of the nature of complementarity and oppositions that occur in dual cycles and pairs are further explored.

The third theme is that of human nature and design and the prescriptions and connections between the Qur'anic models of life, reality and the prophetic way of living.

Various injunctions and modes of the essential Islamic path are discussed, including reflections on the meaning of worship, ritual and the essential drive towards truth, amidst an array of Qur'anic verse references and commentary.

The concluding axis of the presentation relates to the completion of the human journey, the fruition of self-knowledge and the arc leading to the discovery of the cosmic soul present in every heart.

The necessity to live in reference with the living model that is the prophetic way and conduct as an exemplar of total commitment to living in unison with the essence of life while being appropriately engaged in the changing world is presented as a cornerstone for adherents to the path of knowledge and truth.