Qur'an, Tawhid and Transformation

Qur'an, Tawhid and Transformation
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

In this discourse Shaykh Fadhlalla elaborates on the fundamentals and basis of transformative worship as the essence of living the Muhammadi Path.

The talk begins with an overview of Language and culture, highlighting the contrast between modernity and the age of prophecy.

Shaykh Fadhlalla further elaborates on the fundamentals of the path. The difference between information and transformation is stressed along with the unique way in which the Islamic path must be relayed and taught in accordance with the contemporary age.

The talks spans across a series of relevant keys to transformative practice Including: the essence and meanings of Salat - Prayer and worship.

The courtesies and etiquette that serve appropriate engagement with the facets of transformative worship; abstention and constriction and the purification of heart as the key to accessing the light of the soul. Tawhid (Oneness), and the unitive dimensions of the path are emphasized.

Various prophetic traditions, Qur'anic verses, Sufi lore and history are woven into this presentation prescriptively and as indications of perfected worship.

Key excerpts: "We are all being colonized by the ‘Ruh’ (soul), why not submit, via the purified heart."