Spontaneous Illuminations (1998)

Spontaneous Illuminations (1998)
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

A talk, with questions and answers about Allah’s Rahmah - mercy in relation to the purpose of our existence and our return to our Creator.

Shaykh Fadhlalla explains that we are the creators of our own World of experiences, depending upon how we choose to perceive matters, using the order in the chaos as an example.

He explains how we can break the cycle of victimisation and suffering, via our primal state, in order to reach contentment and happiness. SF discusses the nature of reality and how outer uncertainty, enhances inner certainty and security. SF explains about opposites and dualities, which lead to recognition of Allah’s attributes.

Shaykh Fadhlalla then explains that presence and stillness of the body, mind and heart lead us to experiencing pure consciousness, a meditative state, allowing access to our higher self. Following the model of the Adamic being, causing minimal damage to anyone or thing, reflects the Prophetic model.

This represents divine light manifestation, which emanates from a state of a pure heart and clear mind by constant reference to the highest within us. This is achieved by removing the veils that cover the source of light within us. Through constant reference to the absolute truth within us, (Haqq), we will increasingly kindle that light within us, gaining an accurate perspective. Submitting to Allah’s will, by living our faith, leads to our transformation, increasing our ability to live by our primal patterns (fitra) and to recognise Allah’s attributes.

KEY TERMS: victimisation; suffering; dualities; manifestation; removing the veil; higher self; transformation