Surah Al-Balad

Surah Al-Balad
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

The Surah refers to city of Mecca and is addressed to Prophet Muhammad as a man and also as that perfected being that only echoes the perfection within. The purpose of existence is to discover the Creator, Maintainer of Existence. Why are Muslims in so much difficulty considering our blessed heritage? The Surah expounds on how to conduct ourselves to be more aware of the Eternal Light, Allah.

There are many layers and levels of the meanings in existence moving from gross to more subtle. Allah is the Designer of all actions – but we must be aware of how to navigate each step. There are pitfalls everywhere – we use both our mind and also higher referencing to achieve ongoing self purification. Reflect on yourself! Do you not know that Allah sees you always – this path is based on Tawhid/Unity – everything is relative and depends on the one. Everything is therefore insignificant.

Distraction is the door of destruction. What is the intention behind our acts and speech. Self / Soul. The reason for distraction is to overcome the obstacle of heedlessness/self-enslavement (i.e., not seeing the One behind the two). Yield to the Truth and submit – emphasis on overcoming this obstacle. Liberation starts with self-nourishment (starts with outer acts but needs inner transformation for success).

Transformation requires inner and outer interaction. We cannot simply ignore what is around us. We are the walking City – here to complete the `ibadah – pure worship of witnessing One behind the two. Save yourself to save others. Two highways – one of acceptance, overcoming ourselves to achieve success or the other which leads to inner affliction.