Tafseer of Ayat al Kursi

Tafseer of Ayat al Kursi
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This talk was given at the Johannesburg Sufi Centre in 2014.

In this session, Shaykh Fadhlalla introduces the key short Surahs and verses in the Qur'an which, if approached correctly, provide a serious seeker of knowledge a foundation required to truly imbibe the Qur'an. This talk centres around Ayat Al Kursi - 'The Throne Verse'.

Human consciousness encompasses the entire spectrum of existence.

This talk includes extensive commentary on the various stages of awakening, each of which represents very different states and modes of consciousness. Shaykh Fadhlalla indicates how these developmental stages can be related to an evolving arc and exposure to the spectrum of consciousness. He emphasizes that the experience of this life is transitory: we are here to be obsessed with the Original Light.

Ayat Al Kursi is a remedy for the heart, it is about attunement to, and constant awareness of, perfect Cosmic Governance in all situations, at all times.

This verse turns us to face the authentic source of authority and its agent: the soul within, while maintaining a sense of integrity, accountability, and responsibility during our passage through this world.

This declaration is the heart of a vast series of openings utilizing key words, roots and inner meanings, all of which indicate links and channels into the infinite zone. Additional key topics include: the transformative nature of the Qur'an; its purpose and meaning as doorways to evolvement and awakening; the mother attributes and their meanings; the relationship between need, knowledge, trust and inner constancy; the essence of excellence and the best action; concluding with some important considerations on spiritual teachers and the nature and evolution of their roles relevant to socio-cultural changes in the modern era.