Talk 3: Allah — His Names and Attributes

Talk 3: Allah — His Names and Attributes
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

As humans we yearn for knowledge of the Asmal ul Husna - the beautiful names of Allah.

We long to possess the power, glory, beauty or majesty of the ever living light of all lights.

In order to connect to the zone of the unseen, to the light of the Creator, we need to understand the limitations of creation, so that we journey safely from the seen into the unseen world beyond death, beyond time and space.

Some Qur'anic divine names give us access to that zone. Some names reflect the divine essence of the One; Al Ali, Al Azeem, Al Aziz, Al Haqq, Al Quddus, Hayyul Ya Quyum, which are exclusive to Allah and we cannot share.

At times, we are capable of emulating some qualities such as Al karim, al Mujib, Al Basir, al Sami, al Matin, al Wadud, al Rashid.

We attempt to dabble with the names of divine actions, such as Al Razaq, Al Khalique, Al Basit, Al Qadir, Al Munit, which are in essence powers reserved for Allah.

Other gentler jamali attributes such as Al Rahman, Al Salam, Al Karim, Al Rauf are ones we can seek to imbibe. The discerning caller must be careful which name to select when seeking guidance and do so appropriately.