Talk 5: Allah's Commands - The Qur'an - A Manual for Living

Talk 5: Allah's Commands - The Qur'an - A Manual for Living
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This talk is about the map of creation; the haduds (boundaries), duties, injunctions, commandments necessary for us to define and develop taqwah (God-Consciousness).

The key commandments are to do good deeds (bir) without attachments to praise and riyah, in accordance with the middle way, to observe ahsan and cloak ourselves with 'asthagfar', to perform salah with presence of heart, surrender to His Oneness; become a wali (friend) of Allah, through service and ahsan; in constant remembrance, salah, dhikr.

We are prohibited from riyah, spiritual snobbery and hypocrisy, seeking the praises of human beings. We are warned not to be overly generous or too miserly; we must walk the middle path. We must avoid fasad, corruption, evil, fitna in the land or sea and not be mean or miserly in order to remain linked in to the place of the soul, the place of Allah's breath.