Talk 8: The Din of Islam - The Qur'an - A Manual for Living

Talk 8: The Din of Islam - The Qur'an - A Manual for Living
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This Segment specifically explores the nature and meaning of the path, Din of Islam and the Qur'anic manual of transformation.

At the essence of all paths is submission, submission to truth at all levels.

The Qur'an discloses keys to the essential issues of life: Where is it? how is it? Everything is emerging from the singularity yet what is the interplay between the inner and outer? The Absolute and the relative.

In this talk, Shaykh Fadhlalla weaves through the tapestries of the Qur'anic manual of existence.

Key themes include: Resonance with the divine qualities; Relative justice and Divine Justice; relevant keys in encountering and reforming patterns of self; gateways to mercy; the wholesome heart and personal responsibility; Unifying the inner and the outer and the perfected model of abandonment as disclosed by the prophetic teachings.