The Meaning and Purpose of Affliction

The Meaning and Purpose of Affliction
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Difficult confusing times in the world where knowledge and ignorance meet.
Disruption ,discord, uncertainties everywhere.

Global changes require all human beings to wake up to purpose of life.
All people different outside, yet inside we all want the same:

- Constant Happiness and Contentment
-Ignorance leads to suffering without knowledge

Karbala: Keep the Battle In your heart.
Karb: affliction and difficulties, Bala-Test, trial

True meaning of Islam is what we did wrong and what we didn’t do right lack of spiritual light.

Do not ENTER a door until you sure you know how to EXIT.

FITNAH: testing ,trial ,temptation, seduction, trouble , avoid turmoil of Fitnah of increased wealth or destruction.

Make a choice deny Dunya (Low) and come to Earth as neutral to attain the High of Heaven above.

Hypocrisy be cautious and avoid as it afflicts all of us, avoided only if every ACT of Worship done correctly as Allah’s mercy is in every situation.

See goodness from every bad situation as our sole purpose is OBEDIENCE TO ALLAH ALONE.

ADHAB: punishment ,torment pain don’t look everywhere look to ALLAH ,by going astray we punish ourselves ,rather than being punished.

ISTIGHFAR: ask to cover your faults, weaknesses, and ignorance, than no ADHAB.

Ruhu Wa Rayhaan: refresh yourself, don’t be vengeful.

Recognize your failure to gain victory.
Muslims are deficient in transformation of teachings.

Conclusion: Discover Tawhid without Din to be successful.