The Revival of the Muslims

The Revival of the Muslims
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Human beings are weak always seeking quick fixes.

Change dis–ease to Ease, illness to health requires patience, time.

How did the world come to where it is now?

1. Establishment of banks – control of people's lives east followed west and led to failure.

2. Define what a Muslim is, who are you really? Answer clearly defined as light in the heart – submission.

3. Atlas is the Qur'an, follow maps of the Prophets of Allah's Light, a Muslim awakened by Iman (trust) in constant Jihad (Exert Energy) in knowing Allah.

4. Turn to Allah in supplication keep you heart illumined and protect from tyranny of Nafs.

Muslims are socially and politically corrupt globally, but good individually only.

One Book, One Author, Allah, before and after.

Concepts iman, Ihsan, Islam defined and explained.

Conclusion in reviving a Muslim is to be enlightened with knowledge, learn and not deviate from maps of life and remain illuminated with awareness with Salah and Qur'an as way of Life so apply