Towards Awakening (1991)

Towards Awakening (1991)
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

In this engaging talk given to a general audience, Shaykh Fadhlalla explores the subject of awakening as a hardwired aspect of the human experience, saying that every step is an aspect of awakening.

He describes in vivid examples from everyday life, how the hierarchy of awakening from the physical through the mental, emotional and beyond, through refinement of the ability to cognize, in the arc of human history is energized by a Source, called the Soul or Ruh, that exists outside of time and space, yet is accessible to evolved human consciousness, contact with which, is the sole consistent and sustainable experience of ecstasy, true happiness, spiritual courage and contentment.

His descriptions of this developmental process introduces many core concepts of the ‘Prophetic’ teachings which have echoed the same truths throughout history from the experiences of thousands of exceptional human beings, each of whom developed an extraordinary ability to deal with the material existential world with logic, balance containment, and respect for nature; while at the same time accessing supra-intellectual intuitive insights which allowed them to behave with a wisdom beyond mere logic and to guide humankind’s development of civilization.

He describes: The interrelationship of opposites, like yin/yang, inner/outer/celestial/terrestrial, material/meaning; the Divine Attributes as cosmic potential programed into each of us; the five inner and outer senses that must be groomed and contained as we develop our cognitive potential; the ideal relationship of equity and trust between the sexes; the importance of submission, of non-attachment to things and concepts, and of ‘true love’, like a mother’s love for her child, which is willingness to ‘die before you die', on the path of awakening.

He ends with an invitation to experience the prophet potential hard wired into each of us by grooming of the Mind and the Heart through the science of wudu, salat and attainment of true disappearance in sajdah, which he says is the highest state of meditation.

Key Terms: Soul; Divine; Attributes; Hierarchy; Prophet; Happiness; Ecstasy; Yin/Yang; Inner/Outer; Celestial/Terrestrial; Meaning; Heart; Meditation; Love; Ecology; Nature; Intuition; Angels; Sajdah; Salat