Transformation Through the Qur'an — Pre-1990

Transformation Through the Qur'an — Pre-1990
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

1. SFH - Opening Talk

Fuad is inner heart. Passionately in love with Allah. Not by your good action, but by disappearing. More of the outer less of the inner.

You can decide. We are created in this world for the other world. We cannot deny this world. Time is like a sword. Transformative Verses: How many?

Iqra: Read Infinite layers of consciousness, both conditioned and Pure. Muslims are not the exclusive representative of Truth. Awareness and Consciousness. Excess and Luxury: Source of degeneration. Read the pulse.

2. Questions and Answers

Brilliant exposition of Inner Senses, Nafs and General Cosmology with Qur'anic Reference.

Fantastic Summary with wonderful examples of the total cosmology.

How does one balance the heart and mind? Part of the brain acts as combining inner sense.

Khayal - Imaginal, Wahm, Hafidha, Mufakirra: Receives an impression, sends it to the heart, not the mind.

Mutakhayala: No mind. To contain. To comprehend. Raqib: Ability to catch yourself, monitor.

Mind is a memory box. Qur'an condemns calculation. Heart and Whims: What is the difference?

Spiritual Activist: Activating the spirit within me. Whims, Fantasy and Heart, addiction and the need for self to be addicted to Ruh.

Second Talk: Transformation Through the Qur'an: Transformative Words.

Qur'an encompasses every aspect of creation, known and unknown.

Two aspects in this life: Outer World has its maps. Cause and Effect. The courtesy of the other world is to come to it dead. Do not exist.

The Qur'an is full of the afterlife. Descent of Adam: You only know by opposites.

Tawakul (Trust in Allah) has no beginning and no end.

On Trust: Brilliant explanation. Bring forth full nourished leading light from your heart.

Disappear in your Salat. Give up. Good Action: Qur'anic Words: Downfall of muslims: No governance system that is equitable and just. Complimentary trust.

Ummah: Any people at any specific spot at any given time. Ants are ummah like you. Hardly mentioned in the Qur'an.

Umm ul Kitab. The original of that that was written.

On Language: Reading between Heart and Mind: Iqra: Qalam: What is written in that moment, by which a decree manifests Dhulm: Dhil: Shadow Dhalla.