Transformation Through the Qur'an — Part 1

Transformation Through the Qur'an -- Part 1
Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

This series presents selected recordings from various gatherings where Shaykh Fadhlalla addresses and responds to essential themes and issues related to transformation, application and awakening through the Qur'an.

This part emphasizes the fundamental dynamics of transformation. By examining key words from the Qur'an and unfolding their meanings, Shaykh Fadhlalla indicates the appropriate prescriptions relevant to applying the essential Prophetic map.

Various elements of classical Sufi teaching, history and culture contour the fundamental theme of this discourse: awakening to truth and fulfillment of the purpose of human life. Related topics include human cosmology; the inner senses; head to heart balance and resonance; the spectrum of consciousness and unifying the micro and the macro.

The meaning of appropriateness, real honesty and various other keys for evolving insight are described. Woven into this discourse are various socio-political reflections evaluating the development of modern culture, the Middle East and the meaning of essential Islam in our current age.